The Future Culturalist comes to you from the end of the 21st century — the year 2099, to be exact. Stranded here in our time, he has decided to indulge his interest in how the 2000s forever changed humanity in ways that we could never predict, any more than a Neanderthal could predict life as we know it now. Although the Future Culturalist has refused to divulge trade secrets from the turn of the next century, he is willing to point us toward important articles, research, events and theories that will inform the coming decades.

Even though he finds blogging to be extremely archaic (“Might as well be movable type” is how he describes it), the Future Culturalist has chosen this medium to discuss his interest in the evolution and fluctuation of culture, society and what we refer to as the human condition. How we live and think as a species; how we conduct our daily lives and behave both publicly and privately; our attitudes, beliefs and values; what entertains, moves and repels us — all of what makes us human is constantly being shaped and reformed by forces (mostly) outside our control.

Together, with the Future Culturalist’s help, we’ll squint toward the shimmering end of this century and marvel at the strides (as well as stumbles) we’re likely to make along the way.


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